Aug 23

Lenovo Windows 8 PCs now comming with Start menu Pokki

Although Microsoft is indeed bringing back a version of the Start button with its upcoming Windows 8.1 update, it’s still not bringing back the full Start menu that’s long been a staple of the Windows experience. Lenovo, however, is aiming to fix this by bringing the Start menu back on its own. Bloomberg reports that Lenovo plans to “pre-install SweetLabs’ Pokki software, which provides a replacement for the dearly departed Windows Start menu” on new Windows 8 PCs that it will start shipping in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Aug 23

BSI pointed on Windows 8 vulnerable to hacking

Microsoft declined comment on the BSI statement.

The company provided Reuters with a statement saying that PC makers have the option to turn off TPM technology, so that customers can buy PCs with it disabled.

TPM was developed by the Trusted Computing Group, a non-profit organization backed by technology firms including IBM, Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft.

The BSI said it was working with the Trusted Computing Group and operating systems producers to find a solution.  Continue reading

Jan 16

Essential Windows 8 travel Apps

The fledgling Windows Store’s comparatively barren shelves may send seasoned travelers searching for salvation among Google’s and Apple’s more robust app offerings, but wanderers with less hard-core needs can still cobble together a fairly effective travel kit for their Windows 8 devices. Whether you’re taking a much-needed vacation to warmer climes or a dreaded trek to the in-laws’ house, the useful apps highlighted here can cover all your travel needs, from deals to wheels to digital photography reels—no baggage check-in required. Continue reading

Dec 26

Cherokee language introduced in windows 8

Cherokee language in Windows 8

Cherokee language in Windows8

Cherokee  is an Iroquoian language spoken by the Cherokee people which uses a unique syllabary writing system.

Microsoft added support for the Cherokee language into Windows 8 as a holiday present, It marks the first time that a Native American language has been “fully integrated” into the operating system — and the addition of 180,000 words is the largest translation project by the tribe since the New Testament was translated in the 1800s. Continue reading

Dec 11

Windows 8 App Store growing rapidly

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched the Windows 8 App Store, and in the process, claimed it would have more web apps than any other platform at launch.

The Windows Store now shows 13,000 applications. Very good growth for this store only launched two weeks ago. However, if the number of applications is increasing rapidly, the big publishers are still too absent Continue reading

Oct 20

What is Windows 8 ? or About Windows 8

Lets know What is Windows 8

About Windows 8

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest operating system. It features touchscreen capabilities and a drastically different interface, and runs on tablets as well as PCs. It can be controlled entirely by touch (on compatible devices), with a mouse and keyboard, or by any combination of your preferred input options.

The operating system is a daring effort by Microsoft to stay relevant as PCs are being overtaken by mobile devices. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems are dominating the tablet and smartphone market, and Microsoft is attempting something big, different and risky to catch up. Continue reading